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Sick Montana by American-Anime Sick Montana :iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 1 2 Blarg by American-Anime Blarg :iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 3 14 Emily and Camiele Rose by American-Anime Emily and Camiele Rose :iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 2 4 Ani Bday by American-Anime Ani Bday :iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 2 5 Nsfw Karkat by American-Anime
Mature content
Nsfw Karkat :iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 1 21
Talyr Portrait by American-Anime Talyr Portrait :iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 2 2 Scarred Merman by American-Anime Scarred Merman :iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 3 9 Nixie Lynn by American-Anime Nixie Lynn :iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 5 0 600 miles by American-Anime 600 miles :iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 5 2 Lady and the Tramp (FAB) by American-Anime Lady and the Tramp (FAB) :iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 3 8 Bailiegh Sketch by American-Anime Bailiegh Sketch :iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 2 0 (My) Sherlock and John by American-Anime (My) Sherlock and John :iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 2 1
My Dear Watson
Sherlock glared at Moriarty, slowly bringing him back over the edge of the building. Moriarty glared at him teasingly, and smiled a bit.
"I won't do it," Sherlock said with confidence and defiance. "I don't have to, and there is no reason for me to. I can prove Moriarty exists and Richie Brooke is a lie. I can do it and we both know that I can."
Moriarty stared at him for a while, his face blank. Suddenly, he grinned maniacally, laughing out loud.
"I see how it is! You'd rather save yourself than your friends... Quite brilliant, I must say... I never would have thought that you had it in you." His eyes gleamed with sadistic pleasure, and his smile widened when Sherlock looked more confused than he had earlier.
"...What are you talking about?" he asked quickly. "My friends have nothing to do with this. This is just between you and I."
"That's what you thought~" Moriarty sang giddily. He jumped in the air cheerfully, landing and swaying a bit. He grinned as he watched the self-proclaimed
:iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 3 12
Cat Boy by American-Anime Cat Boy :iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 4 6
Drabbles: Paw Prints
Montana Ann pulled at her hairclip, taking it out of her chocolate-brown hair before swishing her head a bit. It fell past her shoulders in little strings, curling around each other. She set down her heavy briefcase with an equally heavy sigh, and leaned up against the wall, ready to slip her high-heeled shoes off.
"Phil! Are you home?" she called out, taking off one of the black pumps. She got an affirmative from her Asiatic husband.
"What do you want for dinner?" she called out next, putting her shoes onto the floor. She stepped off of the carpet into something warm and thick and rather wet.
".................Oh dear, please don't let it be..." Her blue eyes glanced worriedly down, and looked at the watery, muddy mess under her feet, over her kitchen, and in her living room's carpet.
"....Phil, where's Oscar?" she yelled out, rather sternly.
"Uh.... In here...." Phil sounded like he was in the bathroom.
"....So you know what he did?"
"Uh... ..."
"I can't hear you," Montana said, walk
:iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 3 0
Older!Statik!Muru WIP by American-Anime Older!Statik!Muru WIP :iconamerican-anime:American-Anime 1 1


TF2 x IRON GIANT by sikkofoley TF2 x IRON GIANT :iconsikkofoley:sikkofoley 978 61
Mature content
The arrival of spring II :icontofy-dei:tofy-dei 5 15
The arrival of spring I
The doorbell rang, waking Naruto up. She hadn't been able to sleep well for about a week and she groaned, not wanting to get up. The jackass behind the door started to bang their fist repeatedly against it until the blond finally snapped.
-I'M GOING! I'M GOING! You can stop now, Kiba!!
-How did you know it was me?-Sounded the deep voice behind the wooden plank.
-Does it really matter? Why are you bothering me at... OH MY FUCKING GOD! IT'S NOON ALREADY?!?!?! WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP EARLIER?!?!?
-I tried, but your phone is dead, you didn't pick up on your cell and apparently, your neighbour, Mrs. Urahara, couldn't wake you up either.
The blond dressed, not even taking a shower, while her dog loving friend explained all that. She put on a simple black t-shirt and orange midcalf pants. She headed to the door, grabbed her backpack on her way and got her shoes. Behind the almost rotten door stood the oneandahalf head taller boy, who laughed at her appearance. He put a hand on her short hai
:icontofy-dei:tofy-dei 4 6
Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians by Pugoffka-sama Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians :iconpugoffka-sama:Pugoffka-sama 480 15 Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians by Pugoffka-sama Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians :iconpugoffka-sama:Pugoffka-sama 582 38 Harry Potter - Draco Malfoy by Pugoffka-sama Harry Potter - Draco Malfoy :iconpugoffka-sama:Pugoffka-sama 390 19 Touch - How to Train Your Dragon - Hiccup Horrendo by Pugoffka-sama Touch - How to Train Your Dragon - Hiccup Horrendo :iconpugoffka-sama:Pugoffka-sama 1,638 84 LittleWildfire by black-labrador LittleWildfire :iconblack-labrador:black-labrador 26 79 A Doll's Life by BlackMageAlodia A Doll's Life :iconblackmagealodia:BlackMageAlodia 1,228 54 A Doll's Life - I'm Lost by BlackMageAlodia A Doll's Life - I'm Lost :iconblackmagealodia:BlackMageAlodia 1,689 65 Gakuen Heaven: Bell Liberty's Finest by silverharmony Gakuen Heaven: Bell Liberty's Finest :iconsilverharmony:silverharmony 109 30 Matt! Pay Attention To Me! by MissMayHirai Matt! Pay Attention To Me! :iconmissmayhirai:MissMayHirai 125 28 Little heart by ryky Little heart :iconryky:ryky 2,235 73 Scar by ryky Scar :iconryky:ryky 1,013 28 huge gays by VEEDUBBZ huge gays :iconveedubbz:VEEDUBBZ 88 12 Cat boy by patji27 Cat boy :iconpatji27:patji27 68 13



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uh i'm more on tumblr than i am on here
owoi'm here but probably not for so long
i am so forgetful i apologize
but I will try to upload sketches here maybe possibly?????????????/

anyway ono i miss my buddies <s>cough</s>RueandSilver<s>cough</s>

i don't miss the coding system though fuck dammit


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